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Welcome to Bonjavio Boxers ,we hope you enjoy your visit to our site

Although I have been with boxers since the day I was born ,Bonjavio Boxers as a show  kennel was only born in 1993 when aquiring a new puppy we were told "she,s too good not to show ,how right those people were!. After many  embarasing hours of ringcraft we entrered the U.K show circuit with Dreamy Doodler for Bonjavio(our Cleo)(sired by Jinnybrux Gigolo ) Ch Tonantron True Glory grand - dauhter .What fun we had on that learning curve at both Open and Championship show level and as newcomers we started to enjoy our early success.The show bug had bitten.We then aquired Ready Jet Setter go to Jinnybrux (our Jasmine) more success at both Open and Championship shows followed ,with best of breed at open level, culminating with her K.C stud Book Qualification through her Championship show success.Encouraged with this ,we started our breeding programme putting our  Cleo to  Tonantron Glory Lad  himself a CH Tonantron Glory Lass ( the breed record holder )son .This produced  Bonjavio Red Warrior(C.J), our second to qualify for Crufts, he is now a well proven stud .Following this success we had our second litter some 18 months later and this time we put our Cleo to Jinnybrux Jon-ross,a handsome red male ,and what a result! Bonjavio Highland Warrior was born .He qualified for Crufts  at His first.Championship show at the tender age of 6 months and one 1 week  and has had numerous Best Puppies in Breed.

Before,  you enjoy the pictures of our Boxers ,we would like to thank all the judges who have awarded our dogs , Sagra Tonkin (Tonantron) for breeding CH Tonantron Glory Lass, True Glory and Glory Lad ,Sue and Ian Bent (Jafeica Boxers ) for support and help, Kirsty Taylor for her help with our Jasmin, all the members and committee of the Essex and Eastern Boxers Club for their advice and encouragement, last but not least, Wendy Brooks (Jinnybrux) whose house we have used as an overnight
stop ,who we have woken  during the early hours for whelping advice,whose shoulder we have cried on
whose champagne we have celebrated with, whose stud dog  we have used, and who said
" shes to good  not to be shown".

Oh what fun we have had!

Bonjavio Red warrior

                                    Bonjavio Highland Warrior

(buzz )


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